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Source UK hire provide aluminium scaffolding Towers to suit many tasks working at height. There are two methods of assembly we supply ‘Through-The-Trap’ (3T) and the Advanced Guardrail System.

When you hire from us you get scaffold towers that are manufactured not only for industrial requirements but are ideal for domestic use as well. These units are much steadier than using ladders and steps. Many trades prefer hiring scaffolds than using ladders like painters, decorators, electricians, sign fitters and a wide variety of other industries. For more information please call Source National Hire.

Never endanger your health and safety as well as the health and safety of those around you

The Work at Height (2005) Regulations

When you use any sort of item of work at height appliances at your workplace in particular some sort of scaffold tower, either being an employee or as a self-employed contractor, the Work at Height Regulations relate to you. You will need to be certain that not just anyone constructing the tower is capable but additionally all those that specify, work with and also monitor or coordinate using a mobile scaffold tower are qualified to do this.

A proficient worker is always someone that will be able to show they have got effective specialist or industry training, know-how, bona fide experience, together with authority that they can:

  • Fulfill the allocated tasks at the standard of responsibilities invested in them;
  • Realize any possible difficulties relating to the project or hardware involved;
  • Pick up on any technological faults or omissions in that work or related equipment, figure out any issues for safe practices which result from those issues or oversights, and be qualified to establish a course of measures to offset those issues.

Primary recommendations

  • It’s essential to complete a good risk assessment before beginning
  • You have to be qualified toassemble, take apart, perform a before use examination on the scaffold tower system and finish off the necessary pre-use assessment checklist according to the rules and regulations
  • The tower system components have to be examined at proper time periods and the correct file maintained for all those assessments

Using a tower or mobile access tower

  • Under no circumstances use a mobile tower lacking guardrails
  • Under no circumstances climb onto an unprotectedtower while putting together or taking apart a tower
  • Make sure to keep to the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instruction guide
  • Always make sure that those instruction manuals are available for the contractors setting up and working with the tower, and also to that person monitoring the job

"One Call Hires All"

We can organise a site visit, estimate the right kit and quote a competitive price. Source UK Hire & Sales supply an extensive range of tools and equipment on a national basis from one point of contact, which means you only need to deal with one company, operate one supplier account and receive one supplier invoice.

Unrivalled Service

Both commercial and domestic users come back to us time and time again because they know we give 100% commitment to all our customers and offer a warm and friendly service.

Flexible Hire Solutions

Do you need short hire and sometimes long term hire on plant machinery? Source UK Hire & Sales offer various services for short hires from just one day, to long term multiple machine orders.